On Edges…

3 thoughts on “On Edges…”

  1. I love this, Mike! The first time we lived in France we were outside of Aix with just Eliza, no Alex yet, and there was one of those itinerant knife sharpeners who used to come by once a week. I still have the fine knife I bought at the market that he used to sharpen. It tastes like blood.
    And snails (another post of yours) were a much beloved part of our lives–the live ones that I made the kids (three, ages 3, 7 & 10 by then) catch-and-release in Autun and the ones we ate. Still Susanna’s favorite birthday treat.
    Your life makes me happy

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  2. Thierry looks after our hardworking knives too. And we had a similar experience after the first time he sharpened them. Miraculous!! Such a shame not to be in La Roquette in Summer!!

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    1. Anne – sadly La Rémoulerie did not survive the shut down, and Thierry has packed up his grinders. I think there were several factors at work, but I will miss the edge he put on my blades…


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