Duck Breast Prosciutto…

6 thoughts on “Duck Breast Prosciutto…”

  1. Bonjour! We’re copains of David and Brice (we’re on rue Senebier). I’ve been curing salmon for many years – (happy to pass you the ‘recipe’) – to the point where there are almost always a couple of curing salmon tails in the fridge. It’s our house nibble with the apéro. Will now add jambon de canard to the platter – merci beaucoup! We’re currently stuck in Australia due to COVID. Hope to get back to Arles next year. Amicalement! Anne

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  2. I’m fondly recalling the cooking lesson on Place Paul Doumer, and the reminder of Occam’s culinary razor. Paige might have wrinkled her nose a few times at the new smell coming from the fridge, but the first slice of this stuff was revelatory. Now, rosé never tastes quite complete without a bit of Michael’s miracle magret. Merci!

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    1. I remember Paige’s comment upon her first taste, “I may have discovered my new favorite food.” And as a side note, although I remember your prosciutto as pitch perfect, if there was a smell coming from the fridge, it most likely wasn’t the duck – a hanging cure shouldn’t really have any odor at all, other than maybe a bit of rosemary if you used it. A strong-enough-to-detect odor would indicate something had gone wrong.
      Let’s compare prosciuttos soon…


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